Male Coton de Tulear


Shea is a male classic white Coton de Tulear with amber markings. He has the typical Coton coat. This little big dog is highly intelligent and lightening fast doing his Coton Zoomies or chasing his friends around the yard! Shea is very, very athletic, and has the Coton preference for sitting on the arms or the top of the sofa! He can jump up like there are springs in his legs and he loves to make the impossible happen!

Female Coton de Tulear


Mili is a female classic tri-color Coton with a classic coat. She is a sweetheart and just wants to love and be loved. She pals around with Shea but generally doesn't join in all his antics (but she has a few of her own). She is a very fast runner when she wants to be, and she is intelligent and has an easy disposition - unless she has puppies; then she's quite testy with everyone. She is a very attentive mom and takes great care of her babies. She goes above and beyond to make the impossible happen.