Puppies Available! October 2018

Our first litter of puppies was born July 18, 2018, and is available now! We have 5 puppies - 2 boys and 3 girls. See the entire litter on our "Puppies!" page.


How it all Started!

We discovered the Coton de Tulear breed several years ago and fell head over heels for this little big dog. Over time, we found our dogs and this is the outcome of our desire to share the joy of this companion dog breed.



Read our "Coton Info" and "Good to Know" pages for more information!


Romp N Roll

We were lifetime big-dog enthusiasts, yet somehow we got the bug for a smaller breed of dog. We did our research and found what we believe is the most amazing small breed ever. The Coton de Tulear has all of the traits of the big dogs that we have always loved, but comes in an ecstatically happy small package.

In time, the die was cast. We simply had to share the joy and companionship of this breed.  Thus, Romp N Roll Cotons was created to inform others about our experience with the breed and to showcase our Cotons' adorable puppies.

As lifetime advocates of responsible pet management, we will only offer a few breedings of our dogs. Our animals are our Family members first.

As new hobby breeders, we are excited to share our personal experience  of the breed. We are even more excited that there will be new owners who will get to experience the love, joy, and companionship of this rare breed.


Please do your research, enjoy the photos, and contact us if/when you are interested.



Alannah 11 weeks

Next Steps...

Please contact us for more information if/when you are ready!